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Internationally acclaimed, award winning
puppet, mask, and musical performances since 1979


Take a quick tour of Magical Moonshine's "The Grasshopper and the Ant" paper theater production

This performance may be unlike anything you have ever seen before. It is a recreation of Victorian toy or paper theatre. People have compared the beauty and miniature size of the show to a jewel; it sparkles with rich colors and a universal story. The performers have gone far beyond the simple Aesop's fable of the grasshopper and the ant to create a green-man cycle tale as in olden times, a story that takes the audience on a journey through the seasons, leading them to a new understanding of their own place in the cycle of nature.

Michael and Valerie's paper theatre shows have been enjoyed at various festivals in Europe and the U.S. Now it is your turn to be charmed by this intimate and lovely art form, presented by professionals with combined nearly 60 years experience in performances for family audiences.

Here the littlest fairy advises the Gnome Egg Rescue Team on getting the egg back into the nest. The background in this production varies from traditional paper theatre in that it is a fabric quilt, for ease of transporting (rolling it up.) All other scenery is paper. The backdrop scenery is 26 inches by 48 inches (for scale.) This show was designed for audiences sizes of 80-140 persons.

Gary the grasshopper meets Amy, the hardworking ant.

A dung beetle shares a conversation with Gary the grasshopper.

One of the Gnomes' jobs in the forest is the planting of mushrooms.


In the play, grasshoppers make choices as they discover their purposes in life. Along the way they find advice and guidance from various animals.


Above, a fairy leads a "preschool" of ladybugs, and Gary Grasshopper chats with Amy the Ant.


At the Winter Feast, the littlest fairy points to nearly frozen Gary the Grasshopper, telling the Queen of the fairies that he can play music on grass.


Quotes about “The Grasshopper and The Ant” from presenters of the show

“Intimate, engaging theater…storybook-like… high art… minuscule detail…the story remains the center.”---Sabine Hirsohn, Organizer: children’s events

“The stage and its multi-layered backdrop is captivating and unusual, especially for preschoolers, who were immediately transported into that magical world. Elementary aged students, 6 to 9 years, seemed to be very impressed by the construction of the set and the puppetry. The innocence of the performance is such a breath of desperately needed child-like fresh air--thank you so much!!!!!” ---Judy Donovan, Lower Elementary teacher

“Your new ‘paper puppet theater’ was wonderful. You capture the ‘old world’ sense of presentation with music, storytelling, and techniques. Visually, your use of materials was phenomenal. The puppets seemed simple, yet everything around them was more complex, from the moving tracks to the sparkling fairy scenes, and the changing backdrops. You really involved the children's imaginations more than entertaining them. We all got caught up in the inner workings of your magical forestland, while the grasshopper was focused on finding his purpose. The characters had ‘real’ lives, based on reality, but allowed for imagination, dreaming, whimsy and magic in the outcome. And the moral at the end, that whatever small gift we possess has a great importance in the universe, is the happiest ending. You two don't just roll up your sleeves, you immerse yourselves into your show, and involve the audience, and give them something to walk away with. BRAVO!” ---Cheryl Moore, Principal


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