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Little Blue Moon Theatre specializes in intimate performances that have been characterized as

"bright, sparkling, witty, clever, sophisticated and very, very adult."

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Q: What is the maximum audience size for your shows?

A: It varies from show to show depending on the size, but the comfortable range is from 30 people for some productions up to 150 for larger shows. We also have loaner opera glasses that we can bring for larger audiences to be able to see details of smaller shows.

Q: What size space do Little Blue Moon shows require for their staging?

A: It varies from show to show, but most of Little Blue Moon Theatre's shows can be set in a space approximately 7 feet wide, 6 feet deep and 7.5 feet tall. Some may be larger, some smaller.

Q: What is the appropriate audience age for Little Blue Moon shows?

A: While most of Little Blue Moon Theatre's shows have romantic and mature themes and are designed for adult audiences, parents may find some of the performances acceptable to them for teenagers.

Q: Will Little Blue Moon Theatre's show content make me feel uncomfortable?

A: All of us have different comfort thresholds when it comes to sexual content. Little Blue Moon is generally subtle with most sexual activity implied or happening offstage or behind screens. If you are looking for down and dirty porn, you won't find it here. I like to think that there is nothing here that I would not show to my parents (or my grown son!) I think that the quote from Isabel Allende nicely characterizes Little Blue Moon: "Erotica is using a feather; pornography is using the whole chicken." Little Blue Moon takes the feather approach. Our audiences are everyday people enjoying a humorous look at our culture's attitudes toward love and desire. I suggest taking a look at our "testimonials" page; our testimonial submitters are parents of young children, grand parents, 20-30 something singles on a date, etc. They could be your next door neighbor or co-worker...

Q: What is toy or paper theatre?

A: Toy theatre is small! Even in a crowd as small as 20 opera glasses are welcome (and usually provided by Little Blue Moon Theatre). The hand drawn and painted paper figures move across the tiny stage (complete with full lighting system including colored gels, foot lights, etc.) arranging themselves in tableaus that illustrate the text or song, presented live by the human performers. These intimate shows have delighted (and excited) audiences at puppet festivals, arts festivals and intimate soirees. The material, while adult in nature, is presented with humor and finesse so that the audience is drawn into the miniature world of the characters on the stage. The show has the ability to adapt to its audience so that viewing can be anywhere from quiet and pleasurably subdued to raucous and participatory. Either way the experience of watching this unusual theatrical offering is one not to be forgotten.

Q: What is "object theatre?"

A: Everyday objects can take on lives of their own in the hands of the puppeteer who can, with dexderity and imagination, animate the ordinary and the extraordinary. The sexy fashion icon Barbie is a favorite of Little Blue Moon Theatre, and as she is stripped of her artifice, she often reveals intimate secrets about our popular culture.

Q: What is shadow theatre?

A: Shadow puppetry is an ancient and traditional form of puppetry where the audience watches not the puppets but the cast SHADOWS of the puppets. The mysterious and beautiful world of shadow puppets can transport the audience into a realm of color, shadow and light.


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