Little Blue Moon Theatre


Little Blue Moon Theatre specializes in intimate performances that have been characterized as

"bright, sparkling, witty, clever, sophisticated and very, very adult."

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Theatre of Eros!

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Little Blue Moon specializes in Victorian parlor theatre (also called toy theatre or paper theatre), shadow theatre, object theatre, and lots of funny and fun vignettes, with themes of love, sex, adventure and romance.

Theatre small enough to fit into the most intimate venue, be it parlor, dining room, bedroom, or small theatre setting, Little Blue Moon may be just what you have been looking for but never knew it!

Little Blue Moon shows are perfect for:

Celebrations of Art, Love and Romance

Adult Birthday/Anniversaries

Wine Tastings

Dinner Parties

Gallery Openings


Garden Soirées

Wedding Celebrations

Ladies' Night

Universities Parties














It all started at an aphrodisiac factory...

Little Blue Moon's repertoire was inspired by a chance meeting between two loving puppeteers and an aphrodisiac maker, resulting in two exciting and popular seasons of underground theatre at Wild Swan Aphrodisiac Factory in Napa, California.

Today Little Blue Moon's award winning, short, humorous theatre pieces with themes of romance and adventure are a festival favorite in Europe and have excited and delighted audiences coast to coast in the U.S.


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